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Welcome to "Hoot AL's" Rifle Shop!!

Alan Neubauer - Journeyman 

Traditionalist Gunbuilder

"Keep The Tradition Alive"

Greetings from Midwestern Plains of Iowa!   

In an effort to keep the Spirit of the Traditionalist Gunmaker alive, I build antique blackpowder rifles and pistols. The vintage of the guns are from 1730 to 1830, and are representative of several different schools of earlier gunsmiths. All guns crafted in the shop are in a traditionalist vein. The projects are shown as they  transition from a block of wood to the finished state. You'll see a variety of guns from Pennsylvania, Christian Springs, Southern Tennessee Mountain and various pistols including a free-styled target pistol I designed. 

The goal for the website is to serve as a  guide for future gunbuilders who want to learn the craft. I only hope I can accomplish this goal. Check out the  Project Photo Albums and click on the rifles.  The whole rifle building process will unfold to show you how to do it yourself. Some of these albums are like "How To Guides" to help other gunbuilders. 

Example: 2006-06-05 005.JPG (200495 bytes)


For example there are a few Edward Marshall (Christian Springs / Monrovian) Hunting Rifles.  The Hunting Rifle has the most detailed steps shown. The Transitional Lancaster (fancy rifle) and the Tennessee rifle projects were other rifles showing the rifle building process from beginning to end, too.

Take a look around the Rifleshop to give you an idea what tools I have available. Most of the work is done by hand. 

Created an " Journeyman notebook" under the Tips & Aids section in an attempt to share some simple tools, thoughts and etc of the trade to share with others.

 My mentor & Master Gunsmith is Steve "Bookie" Bookout.  He has a website, too and you'd find it very interesting as well. Steve earned the CLA "Pioneer Award" for 2007. He has his own shop is called "Toad Hall Rifle Shop". We've been friends since 1978, and he's responsible

We wrote a book together on how to build "A Wooden Iowa Rifling Bench" similar to those built over a hundred years ago.  The purpose of the rifler bench is for putting rifling grooves into gun barrels. This is the same method used by the Appalachian rifle builders. See the  Rifling Book link for more information.  Unfortunately this book is no longer available. We printed several hundred books and they have been distributed worldwide.   


In the last few years, I've taken on  Apprentices who wanted to learn the craft. They have their own dedicated pages in this website. 

I been graced with the opportunity to visit Weston, MO on three occasions and attend the Bevel Brothers' "Over The Log Shoot" in the last couple years. I dedicated a page of photos on those unique shoots. We had our own Iowa Original Chunk Gun Shoot. 

Favorite Things To Do: Playing with my grandchildren, building guns in the shop, shooting black powder,  prospecting, and fishing. (Notice I said prospecting. I've prospected for gold in Alaska, Australia, California, Indiana, Tennessee, Michigan and Iowa.)

Again, Welcome To The Shop & Look Around Awhile! 

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Update: 07/05/2017 (Click on the photos in the website and they will enlarge) 

Jeremiah Bock requested I finish his rifle for him.  His father was pleased with the results, when he received it for Father's Day. Here are photos of the finished rifle.

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Current Project:  Kentucky Dueling Pistol - .50 Caliber with a 7/8" barrel. Siler Lock, Single Trigger, with a cherry stock. 

I finished the dueling pistol project. Been working on it so much, I have not had a chance to keep you up to date on my progress or the steps taken. However, I plan to do this very soon.  I took pictures during the process and I will update the website with the steps taken. Below are a few photos of the finished pistol. Hope you like.  Dueling Pistol Project

_20161227_1147.JPG (120108 bytes)  _20161227_1146.JPG (55466 bytes)  _20161226_1125.JPG (43717 bytes) 

   Pistol Lock12.jpg (73151 bytes) 

  • Mailing address is: 503 E.16th St. N., Newton, IA  50208 

  • Phone: 641-831-2144: (No calls after 9 PM CST, or Sundays & Holidays, please!)

  • Hot News!! Not only is Our 2nd Edition of the The Wooden Iowa Rifling Bench book  just been completed and in print, with more advanced techniques, it is now featured in the new "Barrel Reaming & Rifling" American Pioneer Video DVD. See DVD By APV link.  Now you can rifle a barrel in an hour.  Also it was reviewed in Muzzleloader Magazine in the "Prime Possibles" section again. Books and DVDs are going fast and being shipped all over the world right now. Also available in Dixie Gunworks and Track of The Wolf catalogs.

  • Rearranged the Project Photo Albums page by placing all the photo albums with detailed breakdowns of the projects at the top of the page instead of forcing people to search and find them.   Hopefully that will make it easier to locate "how-to" information for your projects.  

    If you like the site or have any questions, drop me a line by clicking on "Hoot" below.

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